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This article and video shows you how to diagnose these fault codes and test the signal from the DME to the fuel injectors. You will also see how to isolate and test each wire for the fuel injectors and test the DME MOSFET Drivers. Affected models: 2007-2013 BMW 135i (E82) 2007-2008 BMW 335i (E90) 2007-2008 BMW 335xi (E91) 2007-2010 BMW 335i (E92) My mechanic told me I have (2) gas tanks, and (2) fuel pumps. I know this cause I replaced (1) fuel pump already, the 2nd one just went out. Fuel then makes its way through the filter and passes through the fuel rail before being blasted into the engine by the fuel injectors. Bmw E46 fuel pump failure symptoms. From my own experience, I can honestly tell you I've owned a 2000 328i for 7 years with an m52(TU) engine it and it was such an amazing little beast. plus it was a 5 speed.Jul 28, 2008 · BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46 Forum for all BMW 3 series models from 1999 - approx 2006

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Dec 08, 2014 · The auto company never really came out and said what may be causing the problem, but if you’re one of the unlucky one’s with a bad high pressure fuel pump, you may be experiencing the following symptoms. Poor Acceleration. When you accelerate from a standing position, does your BMW sputter? This may be due to the amount of fuel being sprayed into the combustion chamber causing your engine to stall. Too much fuel can flood the combustion chamber and too little may not allow enough fuel ...

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Fuel pump relay 1: 25: DDE4.0: Fuel pump relay 1: 20: DDE5.0: Fuel pump relay 1 MS45: Fuel pump control (EKPS) 55: 15: Horn relay: 56: 30: ABS/ASC unit: 57: 5: Outside mirror fold-in control unit Mirror memory control unit, driver’s side (up to 03.2003) Mirror memory control unit, front passenger’s side (up to 03.2003) Fuel flow is measured by disconnecting the fuel supply line, energizing the pump for a specified number of seconds (engine off) and measuring the volume of fuel delivered into a container. If static pressure or the volume of fuel delivered is less than your car manufacturer's specifications, your fuel pump needs to be replaced.

A BMW E46 fuel pump test is a simple procedure that will pinpoint the cause of your pump failure. One of the more common causes of a BMW E46 3 series not starting, having difficulty starting, or running poorly is a faulty fuel pump.Bmw 3 Series Fuel Pump 316ti 1.6 Petrol Manual Fuel Tank Pump 2003 E46 - London,United Kingdom (49.99 GBP) Bmw 5 Series FUEL PUMP ECU E60 520D FUEL PUMP CONTROL UNIT EKPM2 2007 - London,United Kingdom (39.99 GBP) bmw e36 3 series fuel pump blue bmw part 1614 1182985 in tank petrol pump - Manchester,United Kingdom (22.00 GBP)

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